» The Philosophy

Even among the middle class, a home of one's own is a dream that is fulfilled after elongated years of savings. Unlike most private developers who prefer to build for the affluent, RDB Group focused on the needs of the middle and lower income groups. It first started with construction of individual buildings and then forayed into bigger housing estates thus emerging out as a winner. From projects in Kolkata and its neighboring districts, the group has spread its wings to Orissa, finishing several government constructions. RDB Group is regarded as one of the premier realtors in Eastern India, and certainly among the most respected. The Group has earned a reputation for the quality of its construction and its ability to keep commitments and Schedules.

The real estate arm of the RDB Group was born in 1981, with the dream of providing a home to all. Starting from developing homes for the middle and lower income groups, the Company is today developing large townships, retail and office spaces.

We believe in RDB Group´s mission - we will continuously strive to provide the best customer experience, by making their dream come true at the easily affordable price, outperforming our promises through continuous innovation and improvement in design, specifications and service standards. We will make our group a significant contributor in mounting our environment and make this world a better place.

"We want to render unstinting service to the society by looking beyond business horizons. Our heart beats with a blazing fire within: to Serve, compete and achieve the best through commitment and dedication."

---S. L. Dugar